Our research aim is to uncover the computational and organizational mechanisms in the brain. For example, what function does feedback play in our brains, and how do our expectations influence our perceptions? We study these questions by modelling neural networks. Through computational experiments and mathematical analysis, we try to understand the neurological basis of perception, cognition, and behaviour.

The lab is in the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science, and affiliated with the Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience.

Latest News

Jeff is on sabbatical

Jeff will spend 6 months working with the ICNS at Western Sydney University in Australia

Success in ICCM

Some of our work will be presented at the International Conference on Cognitive Modeling in July.

CogSci Here We Come!

Students and postdocs in the lab will be presenting their work at the CogSci conference in July.

Research internship at Huawei

Ehsan will be working at Huawei, doing research to increase developer productivity using AI.

An internship at Apple

Michael Karras will be at Apple AI/ML this summer.

Welcome to Zahra Sheikhbahaee

Zahra will be working on AI algorithms of altruism.

Welcome to Sherman Siu

Sherman is working on how to use neural networks to help in video editing.

Welcome to Prof. Shi-Yuan Han

Dr. Shi-Yuan Han is a visiting scholar from the University of Jinan, China, until Dec 2022

Jeff on Unlabelled Unstructured podcast

'Unlabelled Unstructured' is a podcast by the UW Data Science Club.

PyData Global: Lightning Talk on NLP xAI

Brian gave an industry-applied talk on Pointer Generator Networks for Legal Document Summarisation.

Brian is Netflix Famous!

Brian took part in the Copper's Hill Cheese Rolling race, and a photo ended up on Netflix.

Welcome new lab members

Say hello to some new faces joining our lab

Award of Excellence: Mallory Snow

Mallory has been honoured with the MUN Grenfell Award of Excellence in both Computational Math and Physics

Internship for Nolan

Nolan is doing a research internship at Huawei

Alex is done!

Alex successfully completed his MMath degree.

Say hi to Mallory

We welcome the Lab's newest graduate student

Teaching a robot

Alex is using reinforcement learning to teach a robot to reach

Speaking at NeuRIG

Jeff spoke about "Bridging between Computers and Cortex" to Lakehead University's Neuroscience Research Interest Group

Writeup feature for CS home page

Nolan's work (recently published in PLOS ONE) was featured by the Cheriton School of CS. It also garnered a shout-out on ACM TechNews

Neuroscience: A computational problem

Jeff was featured in an imprint article entitled Neuroscience: A computational problem.

PLOS ONE Paper Published

Nolan Shaw, Tyler Jackson, and Jeff Orchard had their paper published in PLOS ONE

Wei Sun Thesis

Congratulations to Wei Sun for finishing his Masters degree.

Publication: Neural Computation

My master's student, Wei Sun, and I published our work in the journal Neural Computation.

Accepted: IEEE Trans. Cognitive and Developmental Systems

Lin Wang and I have another paper accepted, this one in IEEE Trans. Cognitive and Developmental Systems

NeurIPS Workshop Paper

We will be presenting a paper at the workshop Perception as Generative Reasoning

Journal Paper Accepted

Our paper was accepted for publication in IEEE TSMC-Systems

Journal Paper Accepted

Our paper on detecting water leaks using neural networks was accepted.

Interviewed for 'Why Code?'

Interview about why coding is fun and important

Best Paper Award at ICONIP

J Orchard, L Castricato, "Combatting Adversarial Inputs using a Predictive-Estimator Network", International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP), 7 pages, 2017.

Debate: Is the mind a machine?

Jeff debated Matt Dickerson of Middlebury College.